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2008-03-21 Fri


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My hand hurts.
Really bad.

I’ll check mail “on a daily basis”, but will otherwise try to stay off the ‘puter.
’til it gets better.

This time” it’s the back of the hand. My right one.
“Gripping” is hard. “Flattening/Flexing out” is hard as well.
I’ve been doing a lot of keyboard typing lately, and I suspect it’s related to that.
I suspect my Palm (esp. the gaming part – that’s what covers the major stylus usage, otherwise I do most of it w/o the stylus) is somewhat responsible as well, so I’ll try to stay off that part too. I had something similar to this a little while ago, but that got better after removing a certainly addictive Palm game… :-/
It could be work-related, but unfortunatelly I suspect it’s not.

I hate this.

(A lot of my life career choices have been ruined by “being too enthusiastic”, and therefore overusing my hands… e.g. “no programming”… )

That saying:- “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”…
…”life” put me in contact with keyboards, and HyperText Markup Language… for a start.
…and we had fun.
…and HTML never grew tired on me.

I guess I should make friends with some “not on keyboard” types …
…but where do I find them?


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