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2008-04-08 Tue

other voices

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I sometimes hear these voices in my head.

It’s not necessarily “the same” voice from time to time, and I haven’t really tracked if they’re ever “re-occuring”.

And they don’t tell me to “do stuff”.

It’s more as if I had some radio receiver, tuned in to some random station.

They quite often begin with some topic I’m thinking of, but then they rapidly trail off…

And it’s quite often in another language than Swedish (my main language).
Like … English.

When it’s in Swedish, from time to time it’s in another dialect than “mine”.
“Skånska” (from the south of Sweden) is quite frequent.

And it’s sometimes in languages I’m not “at least 50% familiar with”.
Like … Danish …or Norwegian.
I think it’s even been in languages I’m not even 10% familiar with…

As I wrote – it’s like some random radion station.

Good thing though is, they play music from time to time.
(Bad thing though is, their records seems to be broken – they sometimes (almost always, to be frank) get stuck on the same few bars – and sometimes the songs chosen aren’t that good. And they almost never announce what they’re (trying to be) playing… )


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