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2008-04-12 Sat

looking for Försvarets hudsalva – and ending up in a German Moscow

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I usually prefer the Eucerin Lip Active lip balm, but I figured I’d give the Försvarets hudsalva another try as a lip balm.
I tried Försvarets hudsalva …when was it? Years?… ago, but got some sort of allergic reaction from it – my lips got really itchy and stingy – so I stopped using it.

Then I read a tip of using it to prevent chafed feet (actually its original purpose!), which worked fine on me.
The tip was in an article which also said that the recipe had been changed.

When I bought a new stick, I figured I might as well give it another try as a lip balm (especially as I’ve got no need to use it on my feet until summer).

It worked fine for a while. A short while.
The more I use it, the more it itches… even if I use it only once a day.

Did a search, the ingredient changed was “propylgallat” – which may give allergic reactions. It was replaced by “butylhydroxitoluen” (BHT). (Both substances are used to prevent the fat to go stale/rancid.)
Obviously, that’s not what makes it itch for me… my guess is that it’s the peanut oil… :-(
(I’m allergic to birch pollen, and grass pollen … and both of these may give cross reactions on peanuts – eventhough I haven’t had any problems with eating peanuts …but on the other hand – I usually don’t smear them on my lips, before eating them.)
Actually, I remember trying it on my dry shins – and getting a similar reaction! Not itches really, but worse – blisters… :-(

What did this have to do with “German Moscow”?

Well, I did a search on Försvarets hudsalva and allergy, which made me end up on (amongst other pages) a web log which, when continuing reading some of it, lead me further to a YouTube clip.

What can I say? It’s the ways of the InterNet…


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