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2008-05-03 Sat

My body is trying to tell me something, but /what/?

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My left shoulder really, really hurts, my right hip hurts, and the back of my right hand hurts.

Woke up, slightly immobilized – “stuck” on my back – if I try to lie on my left side, my shoulder screams “don’t” (or rather, it says “ok, do, just mash me, but bl–dy don’t move!”).
If I lie on my right side, my hip asks me to “please don’t”.
Went up and took another “pain killer”. (I do try to not take too many of them, because they’re prescribed, and I only have six of them left now (started Thursday early morning.) Got them for my hip, last autumn. (They also contain lactose, which upsets my stomach; and ought to be swallowed with large amounts of water, which makes me slightly nauseous.)

If I lift my (left) arm out from the side, it goes to, say, 40 degrees (if down is 0, and straight out is 90).
Out backwards: about 10.
Out in front of me is ok though.

The (right) hip is mainly a problem if I’m trying to lie on it.

The back of my (right) hand doesn’t like me to grip pens.

Basically, “I want to die”.
I see no meaning with this. My body prevents me from doing everyday things.

I think it’s time to do another attempt of the “stay off keyboard”.
(I’ll check e-mail daily, and answer if necessary, but that’s it.)
If I’m “good”, I’ll try to stay of the PDA keyboard as well.

‘Til next weekend.

Not Happy.


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