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2008-05-17 Sat


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…considered switching to “plain US Dvorak”, when I found it – “Svdvorak”, the keyboard layout I’ve been looking for, installed and ready to use!

…so, now:- all I’ve got to do is “to erase the finger patterns I actually managed to learn”, when using the “Svorak” keyboard…

“Sweden (Svdvorak)” is included in GNU/Linux Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, but was not present in the 7.10 version.
Basically, it’s Norwegian Dvorak, but with Swedish ä and ö, instead of Norwegian æ and ø.
Ok, it’s got some really weird choices on the AltGr positions, but hopefully I can live with that.

The “weird AltGr” choices are actually the same characters as the ones used in “Swedish (Default)”, with the exception that they haven’t changed keyboard position “as the rest of the key”… with the result that they don’t make sense. At all.
And some of them are in upper case only (AltGr+Shift), due to the fact that some of the characters actually made the transfer to AltGr.
In my opinion, if that would be fixed (move the whole key around, not just parts of it), it would be an even more useful keyboard layout.


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  1. Jag är inte ensam helt enkelt. Ett hett tips är att mappa om caps lock till control. Då blir genvägar som ctrl+c helvetes mycket bekvämare.

    Comment by Linus Berglund — 2008-11-17 Mon @ 20:54

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