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2008-05-26 Mon

re-installed …again

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So. I switched on my computer this morning.
Logged in, and the graphic user interface started up. “But won’t finish starting up.”
I shut the computer off, waited for a while, and restarted it.
…and the same thing happened again.
Shut it off, and went to take my morning shower instead.

Tried again.
Got the login screen.
Logged in.
But then it said “no, you’ve entered the wrong username/password” (yeah, “or something similar to that”).
Tried it with Dvorak as well, but that didn’t work either.

Phoned for help.
Ok. By some reason, the keyboard layout had been reset to “US English”.
Managed to log in.

Then the log on process begins to ruminate; everything seems to go in slow motion…

So. We’re trying to “reset” things, but it doesn’t seem to have helped much when trying to log on again.

I decide that I’ll do my reinstallations. Now.

So: present setup:
3GB WinXP.
50GB “/home”
“the rest” is Ubuntu, but 7.10.

I don’t miss the soundcard conflict, but I do miss Svdvorak.
And I had “all” (ok, I don’t have that many …”but anyways”) my CDs ripped to the HD…

Oh, well…


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