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2008-08-03 Sun

Euro|Pride’08 – day 9 – Parade Day

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Went to bed later than planned, hence slept in later than planned.

Got up, showered, got dressed, had breakfast, checked the weather report, added some clothes (shirt and a raincoat), left home. Bought some bread, and some hummus, took the underground to Östermalmstorg, and walked to Humlegården (the starting point for the Parade).

Tried to find the RFSL Stockholm section, but couldn’t find it, and by then the Parade had started.
Made a short cut, and ended up with RFSL Borås. Walked with them for a while, and then skipped in and out of the Parade …amongst the sections I walked with (more or less …more or less “correct section”, as well) were “Golden Ladies”, Russia, “Marching for those who can’t”, “Stolta transvestiter”, “Queer Crips”, FSHBTB/”Stoppa våldet”, “Alla lika, alla olika” …fastwalked back (forward, really) to “Marching for those who can’t”, and finished the Parade “with” them.

Went into the Park, and saw an interview with Rikard Wolff, Ann Petrén, and Pia Johansson, and then saw parts from “Avenue Q”.
Then back home, took a shower, changed clothes, and over to Stockholms stadsteater, to see the play “Petra von Kants bittra tårar” (which actually was rather good!).

Back home again, changed clothes again, and then headed back to the Park.
Saw the last part of the Parade Gala, and a “trailer” for the play “Hedwig and The Angry Inch“, before heading home for the night.


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