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2008-08-04 Mon

Euro|Pride’08 – day 10

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Last day of this year’s Pride.

Went to the Park.

Saw (or rather: listened to) “Sketcher att älska till” (“Sketches to make love to“) – some sketches from a radio show. Rather good.

Had lunch. (Greens w/ soy meat; exchanged the rice for chips.)

Played “Drugbingo med Mammorna” – bingo with “the mothers of Cunigunda” (played by said artists). Won nothing (as expected), eventhough I got “bingo” multiple times (“Vi säger bingo – ni säger tack“; “We say Bingo – You say Thank you.”).

Saw “Svenne & Lotta, feat. Hep Stars“.

Had dinner. (Greens w/ soy meat. This time w/ “the original” rice.)
(That’s the boring part – there’s only one meal I “can” eat, i.e. which is suitable for ovo-vegetarians. Fortunately, all meal prices had been reduced by circa 40%.)

Listened to / saw “Right Said Fred“.

Went home, to leave a couple of books I’d bought (Sara Lövestam‘s “brudens hemliga” and “brudens ohemliga“), and to change jacket (the EuroPride one, to a more “anonymous” one), before heading to Stampen, and the Closing Party “Objekt“.
Had a rather good time, the dance floor(s) were packed, and I stayed ’til closing time.

All in all, I’ve had a really good Pride week.
Volunteering worked fine for me – I had things to do, instead of “browsing aimlessly”, and I made some new friends.


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