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2009-01-17 Sat

something old, something new, something (not) borrowed, something blue

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Ok, it does have some “Windows inside”, but it’s not “Windows Vista”.
I’ve carefully removed the sticky labels from the keyboard area (well, ok, I did keep the licence label on the back… after all, I do have a payed-for licence… ).

Yesterday I bought a “2.5” IDE HDD Case”, for the hard drive from my old computer (figuring there’s nothing wrong with it, so why not use it as a (backup? extra hard drive? … ))

Mounted the hard drive in the case, connected it, and:- voilà – the three partitions showed up on my desktop.

Tried booting from it:- Windows XP Home protested and gave me a BlueScreen, but Ubuntu 8.04 worked fine – including syncing the camera. :-)

I’ve not yet decided whether to transfer the files to the new hard drive (and keep them, as backup, on the old one), or just keep them on the old one.

(How come all lights are blue, nowadays?)

I’ve also got two old 3.5″ hard drives, the largest having the whopping size of 1.2 GB, which I ought to copy to CDR:s …some day.

On to something completely different:-
What do you call take-out left-overs, when you haven’t really eaten the take-out “in the first place” (but rather let it cool down, and put it in the ‘fridge)?
I mean, it’s take-out, but cold, and re-heated… but is there a shorter word for it?


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