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2009-02-03 Tue

wish list

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Take a Sony Vaio P, the one with the touchpoint-instead-of-a-touchpad.
Add 3G smartphone capabilities (and by that, I don’t mean “just a built-in 3G modem“):-
Add an external screen, an external dial pad, a phone speaker and a ~microphone.

…and voilà!

Keep the sturdy fold-up screen, with a keyboard you can touch type on.
No wobbly fold-out “thumb board”.
No “close it slightly too hard once, and it’s broken forever on”.
Good batteries, bluetooth, wireless connection, 3,5″ for headphones (skip the 2,5″ phone ones).
No need for built-in CD/DVD, but at least two USB ports.
The phone and the computer should be fully connected (e.g. ability to dial from the address book in the computer; ability to show SMS conversations as “chat logs”).

Maybe something approaching the TypeMatrix (i.e. straight columns), with a NumLock / Phone button for the dial pad?
(plus the external dial pad, of course! …probably preferably with some sort of protection for it, when it’s not in use)

Skype, you say?
Well, that may work for the computer, but I still want the ability to phone …on a low-speed connection, Skype isn’t really a reliable option (or is it?).


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