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2009-02-27 Fri

chaotic keyboard?

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…tried with a printout of the layout, but grew tired of the hunt-and-peck-and-look-sideways.

Now my keyboard is multi-coloured (well, orange, and a few pink ones).
(It’s “the sticky part” of Post-it notes.)

It’s part of my “repeat Chinese” plan – learn the traditional characters, and preferably bopomofo (i.e. Zhuyin Fuhao) as well.

An annoying thing when “using bopomofo with Svdvorak” though, is the exact opposite of “using pīnyīn with Svdvorak” – everything moves around: rather handy with pīnyīn, but quite annoying with bopomofo… (I figured it being a better idea to use the standard locations).

…and I miss my self-configured keyboard layout – the one with pīnyīn diacritics included…
*well, well*

(Solution: use the “USA International (with dead keys)” layout, both for the bopomofo part and the pīnyīn diacritics part.)

Oh, by the way – I decided on the “Colloquial Chinese”.
My first plan was to go with the “Integrated Chinese” (the one with “Wang Peng” (the name of one of the fictional characters; Wáng is a surname, péng [朋] means “friend” (as in the compound 朋友)) as a “new word”), but for different reasons I changed plans.

I’ve noticed that I find it harder to write “half-glancing on the keyboard” now with all the new keymarkings – which is sort of weird, considering the fact that I’m using the Svdvorak layout…
(on the other hand, the top row (the one with the numerals) is the same and that’s the one I’m sneaking at).

When adding all the bopomofo markers, I was a bit worried they would stick forever and I’d have to live with a ruined keyboard afterwards, but some of them are already (!) “more or less” on their way off…


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