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2009-03-07 Sat

in between choices

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Should I make do with “using my smartphone as a PDA-only”, and bring my old mobile phone (a five year old Sony Ericsson T300) as well,
or use my smartphone “as a smartphone, but bring the AC charger at all times”,
or buy myself a Palm Centro,
or wait until the Palm Pre (that’s Pre, not Pro) arrives “for the non-US market”?

I presently have a four-and-a-half year old Palm Treo 600 (palmOne, actually: “formerly and presently known as Palm”), and recently it’s “eating battery power like (dunno)“… (it doesn’t run out of battery power that quick if I use it as a PDA-only, though)

(One option would of course be to settle for a Palm Centro, and aim for / consider (the Palm Pre correspondent) “after that one” … but then we’re talking years ahead…
on the other hand – I’m a little unsure of how their new OS “works”/”functions” (the Palm Pre uses their new “webOS”), and I’m quite satisfied with the PalmOS… )

( …and what if I decide to go for the Palm Centro – I mean: it’s quite a lot of money, for something that I almost already have got)

Presently (or well, I began today), I’m carrying both smartphone-but-used-as-PDA-only and mobile phone.
…and AC charger(s – had to recharge the battery for the mobile phone as well, it hasn’t been in use for a while).

One of the interesting things is that I really use the PDA for a lot of things – and a little less than ten years ago I couldn’t figure out why anybody would want one…


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