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2009-05-15 Fri

back on track…

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2009-May-07 22-ish: ordered a Palm Centro from Palm
estimated delivery time: 3-4 work days

2009-May-08 (Friday): sent via DHL
Please note that the tracking number only becomes “live” when it is picked up by Palm DHL and scanned by their driver. Please wait until the next working day after you receive this email before beginning to track your shipment on the web.

2009-May-11 (Monday): at work. receives a phonecall from DHL.
Will receive parcel “now, if at home”, or “inbetween hours 10-13, 14-16”, or collect it at their office. May redirect it, but with delivery the day after.
Being not that far from home, the deliverer manages to deliver the parcel “within ten minutes from now” anyways.

So: it took four days, but expecting workdays as in weekdays I didn’t expect it until Wednesday.

Making things more complicated than necessary, what probably could have taken me about an hour (it was a bit tricky) to install-and-transfer, took me a whole bunch of hours well into the night.
Well, well.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my day off. I’ve now bought an 2,5″→3,5″ earphone adapter, a 4GB (“up to 4GB supported” – I’ve stumbled upon pages stating more than 4GB works, eventhough they show up “weird” …but I thought I should test it “with something that’s supposed to work, first) MicroSD (SDHC) card, and a CF- and MicroSD- (among other formats) capable cardreader.

All in all, this means I’m now able to check photos from the Nikon D100, without having to boot into my external HDD; and I’ve also got “some sort of MP3-player” (the Centro came with pTunes; it’s also possible to play MP4-files).

Extras I’ve installed:

Ok, there are things I miss from the Treo 600, e.g. the options for showing ToDo’s in the Calendar, the ability to add Floating Events, and adding my own ShortCuts – but on the other hand, I’ve now got more logic ways to plan events-starting-before-and-ending-after-midnight, better key-handling (or whatchamacallit), the ability to colour-code events, and a better screen resolution…
…maybe I’ll find some solutions when I take the time to read the manual later on – or I might find solutions elsewhere…
…and I definitely don’t miss the external antenna ;-)


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