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2009-06-17 Wed

Sthlm|Pride 2009: this year’s dogtag

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This year’s dogtag is designed by Alessandro Falca, and I find it rather smashing indeed. :-)
I do hope, though, that in reality it isn’t much bigger than in the picture (i.e. no more than 5cm in length – and preferably shorter).
dogtag Sthlm| Pride 2009

Read more about it on the Stockholm Pride webpage.

(or, as I discussed it (in Swedish, sorry) with a friend:-
Jag tror jag tolkar den lite som att “hetero” (olika) är vi alla lite till “mans”, och med regnbågsfärgerna som “förstärkare”. Punktskriften för att belysa något som skulle kunna vara ett utanförskap?
(Jag tror man är hetero, genom att ta på sig den …och samtidigt väldigt homo “med alla andra som har en så’n”. ;-)



  1. Hej!
    I just read your interpretation… not bad at all!
    I´m happy if people will find different meanings and interpretation of the dogtag.

    Alessandro Falca

    Comment by Alessandro Falca — 2009-07-06 Mon @ 17:18

  2. Interesting idea, great design. Can I buy this dogtag in Stockholm? I’ll be in Stockholm next weeek-end (21 and 22 Aug) and I’d be very glad if I could buy it.

    Comment by Sasha — 2009-08-13 Thu @ 15:49

    • It was included in the week ticket for this year’s Stockholm|Pride.
      As far as I know, you can not buy it as a separate item (you couldn’t, even during the Stockholm|Pride week; unless you can find someone who got it with their week ticket, and who are willing to separate with it – I’ve got a friend who bought a week ticket mainly to get the dog tag).
      (You could try the “general questions” e-mail address, @ http://www.stockholmpride.org/en/About/Contact-information/.)

      I hope you enjoy your stay in Stockholm, though!

      Comment by pl — 2009-08-13 Thu @ 21:39

  3. Thank you for your answer. I can understand your friend who bought a week ticket to get dog tag. I sent an e-mail you recommended, but I’m not sure they will help.

    Comment by Sasha — 2009-08-14 Fri @ 10:21

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