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2009-10-25 Sun

time confusion

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Today, daylight saving are off.
Here in Sweden, this meant that at 03:00, the clocks were to be turned back to 02:00.
No problem for me. I’ve got it written down “in which direction to turn”.

Some really weird things happened, though:-

My Palm Centro switched the time automatically, at 01:00, to 00:00.
Ok, fine, I thought.

My computers have, this far, always switched “by themselves”.
This time: not so.
I had to switch it manually.
(On the other hand: It behaves weird in other aspects, too (since I connected/disconnected some hard drives).
I’m planning to reinstall the OS’es “post Ubuntu 9.10”.)

I woke up by an alarm in my Palm Centro.
It was set at 04:45.
My not-adjusted-still-summertime wrist watch told me it was 07:45 (i.e. 06:45 winter time).
Some time during the night, the Palm Centro must have reset itself more than once – instead of one hour back in time, it has set itself three hours back in time.
My Palm Treo 600 doesn’t automatically switch. Instead, it has a “Daylight Saving: On/Off” choice under Preferences.
What makes it even more weird is, that according to the User Guide, the Palm Centro is not supposed to switch “on its own”…


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  1. “Let’s do the time warp again!”

    Comment by Maria — 2009-10-25 Sun @ 22:57

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