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2009-11-14 Sat

not updating to Ubuntu 9.10

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I downloaded the Ubuntu 9.10 .iso quite a while ago, but didn’t install it due to filled-up hard disk drives.
At first I considered copying “the most important things” to CD-Rs, but that would take ages – selecting, sorting, copying, …
I ended up buying a 1TB external HDD instead, and just copying the files in question – no selection whatsoever (i.e. I’ve now got multiple copies of some of the files).

I also figured I ought to get my old laptop into use again – as far as I understood, it was just a matter of exchanging the RAMs.
Removed the cover, to check their sizes, and then started up the computer – to be able to tell the shop what the error was, and make sure it might work after replacing the RAMs (I mean: if they knew the error was due to something completely different, there would be no need to even bother replacing them). To my surprise the computer started just fine!
I didn’t buy any new RAMs.

When I got home, I moved the old computer from the kitchen to my desk.
Then, when I restarted it, there it was: the flickering screen, the weird response.
Took it back to the kitchen, removed the cover, took out the RAMs, and put the very same ones back in.
Then, back at the desk, it worked fine again.
Probably some sort of glitches…

While doing the RAM-movements, I had already begun (re)installing WinXP (Pro) (from scratch) on a partition on my present computer. I continued with that task, and then (re)installed WinXP (Home) (from scratch) on the old one, giving it the whole HDD.
Installed the Palm Centro Desktop on both WinXPs, and synced the Palm on both of them.

Installed Ubuntu 9.10 on the rest of the present computer’s HDD. Worked fine, except for one thing: I could connect with my 3G modem (Huawei E220), but was unable to “surf” anywhere – i.e. “rather useless”.
Brought the computer to work, and tried it on the nearby library’s WiFi (free if you’re registered). That worked fine, but the 3G modem didn’t work even after having installed the latest updates for Ubuntu 9.10.
Ended up with reinstalling Ubuntu 9.04 and adding all the updates to it.
Hopefully the 3G modem problem will be fixed til Ubuntu 10.04?



  1. Har också E220-modem. Det är en anledningarna till att jag inte “vågat” prova OpenBSD ännu.

    Comment by Maria — 2009-11-15 Sun @ 09:20

  2. Antagligen denna buggen du drabbades av:

    Comment by AC — 2009-11-17 Tue @ 06:45

    • Yep, och jag testade nå’n fix där, men fick det ändå inte att fungera, så jag gav upp.

      Comment by pl — 2009-11-17 Tue @ 21:13

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