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2009-11-26 Thu

Ubuntu 9.10 – pros and cons

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I like that my touchpad works as a “deactivate screensaver” again (my “Any Key” (the Windows key) worked fine, though).

I like that the volume don’t necessarily need to be at 100% (and the volume still being rather low) – 32% is enough now.
I like that the “mute” button is recognized, i.e. works, again.

I like that F-Spot and Nikon D100 are on speaking terms again (just discovered that I can direct connect my camera again – no need to use the card reader!).

I like that it seems to remember what screen size my computer’s (a Dell Latitude E5400 laptop; widescreen, not 4:3 – the size Ubuntu 9.04 thought I had) got.

It’s annoying that connecting and being able to surf is such a non-smooth operation.
There’s no consistency in what works, and what works not.
Sometimes, it works by disconnect-reconnect:ing the Huawei E220 3G modem. Multiple times more often than just once.
Sometimes it works to do
$ sudo rmmod usb-storage
$ sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x12d1 product=0x1003

in a terminal window; with, or without, right-clicking and unmount:ing the “MOBILE_CONNECT” icon.
Sometimes I do both, in different orders.
Eventually, it works, though.
But it’s still annoying.

I’m a little unsure whether the “quickfix” for Spotify works or not.
(I upgraded Wine to 1.2, by typing
$ sudo aptitude install wine1.2
in a terminal window, and then a reboot of the computer.
Before that, it was just garbled noise.
I got it again, but “after a while”, and it seems to work again after a “shut down Spotify and restart it” (no need to reboot).)
*hm* Seems as if Spotify works fine as long as I don’t fiddle with “something else that involves speakers” (like “System → Preferences → Sound”) simultaneously.

I miss my Flying Toasters…
(*ah* Did a search:
$ sudo apt-get install xscreensaver-gl-extra
solved it! :-)

…and I haven’t found out how to get rid of the LogOn sound.


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