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2010-02-25 Thu

surfing using Bluetooth

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Had dinner w/ Biörn yesterday, and we got to talking about Bluetooth surfing.
I had tried, but failed, using the out-of-the-box Bluetooth thingie.
He had a working connection, using Blueman.

So, when I got home, I downloaded Blueman, using the Ubuntu Software Center. The version available was 1.10.
Paired the computer to the smartphone.
Tried connecting, but didn’t really figure it out.
Surfed some (on my 3G-modem connection)…


deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/blueman/ppa/ubuntu karmic main


System → Administration → Software Sources → Other Software

and could then upgrade to 1.21 via the Ubuntu Software Center.
Another step on the way, but still not there yet.

Today, I added a connection to

System → Preferences → Network Connections → Mobile Broadband

(and marked the smartphone as a trusted device, in Blueman)
and now it actually works!
I just choose the newly added Mobile Broadband connection, and I’m on! :-)

I’ve got Ubuntu 9.10, and a Palm Centro smartphone.
The speed is “as when surfing on the phone” *duh*, but as long as I avoid “heavy” pages (e.g. YouTube), it’s quite acceptable (eventhough I wouldn’t mind having a 3G-phone).

Now my 3G-modem connection acts weird…
(read: not at all)

…or rather, it just worked “as usual”, i.e. “sometimes it works, sometimes it works on the 15th try…


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