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2011-01-06 Thu

trains of thought

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I sometimes get weird thoughts of things (e.g. an arm, with a grabbing hand) coming up from the toilet (the grabbing – or well, rather “poking” – part happening when I’m seated).
The thoughts are fended off with “Hey, if that really would happen, I would probably have more problems than ‘just being poked at’!”.

Good, or bad?

… and, uh, I also prefer having the toilet lid closed (except, of course, when toilet is in use) – but that is more due to clumsiness than weird ideas
(because, honestly, I do prefer the *thud* *bounce* *thud* *pick up from floor* before the *thud* *splash* *fish out of toilet*
– but that may just be me. you may prefer the latter, and hence keep your toilet lid open “with just the ring down”)


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