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2011-01-31 Mon

polar bear

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Some people are bipolar (manic-depressive). I’m (as far as I’ve noticed) not.

Rather the opposite – “quite normal”.

I do have a nerdy tendency, though.

Is there such a thing as a “neurotypical-asperger disorder”?

(I don’t have Aspergers’, either.
And if so: just a slight hint, i.e. rather high-functioning, and at the higher end of that.)

I’m presently heading for the “asperger” part of it.

I tend to appear rather cheerful. More or less all of the time.

That certainly has its price.

Don’t push it.

I’ve been pushed.

For the average person, this may just manifest as “behaving rather normal. not overly happy, just … slightly grumpy”. A behaviour not uncommon at all. Really. (That’s how “most people” are. Everyday.)

There are people “trying to cheer me up” (or rather, “get the ‘regular’ me back”). Not for me, more for their own sake. This part of me is uncommon ground to them.
That, actually, is part of the pushing.

To the limit.


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