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2011-02-12 Sat

(uh, well)

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Two out-of-towners (German, I think), doing three one-hour trips each. She’s 20-or-above, he’s 19.

Quick glance over at the Pressbyrån shop. Metal jalousies are up, but shop is still closed.
I check the big clock on the wall: 10:02.
I tell them that the cheapest for them would be to buy three one-hour-tickets each, and that the shop were supposed to open two minutes ago. I also give them a written note stating what tickets they should buy: 3 x 30 kr, 3 x 18 kr. (The 30 kr is 2 x 15 kr coupons, the 18 kr is 2 x 9 kr coupons. I didn’t find it necessary to state that.)

10:03. They go over to the shop and wait outside.

10:08. The shop opens.

When they come back, they have 3 x 15 kr coupons, and 3 x 9 kr coupons.

It ends with me suggesting they go to T-Centralen, buy the remaining required tickets there, and me excusing for both the shop opening late and not selling them what they supposedly asked for.

(That shop has a habit of opening later than stated. Maybe they should add “-ish” after their hours on their opening hours sign? ;-/ )


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