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2011-03-26 Sat

“Happy Earth Hour, with whipped cream, and a cherry on top!” ?

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Earth Hour started in 2007, in Australia, to raise awareness on climate issues, how we affect our environment, whether we use our resources in a responsible way, …

Since then, it’s held each year on the last Saturday in March, for 60 minutes: from 20:30 (8.30 pm) to 21:30 (9.30 pm), local time.

What you do, is: shut down as much as possible of your electric lights, and other spareable electric machines.

If everyone participated, and you would be able to “see Earth from space”, you’d see one time zone at a time go more or less dark for an hour.

Well done.

Now, held for the fifth year in a row, more and more people, cities, … even companies, are participating.

… but the thing is: Don’t forget why it’s done, and remember it the other days of the year as well!

Yesterday I saw a page with a receipe for an “Earth Hour pastry”.
You’d expect – if anything – something low in energy, at least in its making. Maybe something “raw food”?
But no. It’s rather complicated in the making, energywise, and the ingredients are quite resource consuming.
… and it reeked of the same spirit as Valentine’s day, Hallowe’en, …
Business, business.

Tomorrow, we’re switching to Summer time.
At 02:00, clocks goes directly to 03:00.

I’m working this weekend.

Therefore, I’m going to bed now.
My contribution to Earth Hour will be shut out lights.

And no pastries.


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