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2011-04-11 Mon

Motorola Milestone finally updated to Android 2.2.1 (Froyo)

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So. Yesterday (or rather, (yesterdays?) yesternight – the night between Saturday and Sunday) I made another one of those “I’ll make a search for it, but I don’t expect finding anything fruitful”: [http://www.google.com/search?q=Motorola Milestone Europe update].
To my surprise, this time I actually found things not just saying “we’re waiting, but we’re losing hope”. Obviously, on-or-around 15 March (almost a month ago), Android 2.2 was released for European Motorola Milestone (after being available for Motorola Droid – the US only version – since summer). Not “Over The Air” though, but a “Download this program, and it will install the update. If you have Windows.”.

Unfortunately, the “I’ve done this, and this is what I got” reviews were negative.

Having other things sceduled for yesterday (Sunday), the update had to wait til yesterday evening, anyways.


One of the reasons I’ve been looking forward to the update is being able to use my mobile phone as a modem (which was possible (over Bluetooth) with my Palm Centro, and have been possible with other Android models (even prior to Android 2.2?) without “external” software). Meanwhile, I’ve been using Mobile Stream‘s EasyTether Lite, which has worked just fine, except for the fact that if you want to access https://-pages, you need to buy the full version. Knowing (or at least hoping) there would be an update sooner or later, I’ve refrained from buying it.

Yesterday evening.
One of the reviews’ comments spoke something about a post-update non-working (?) phone.
To be honest, I haven’t been 100% satisfied with my Motorola Milestone.
Quality-wise, it’s fine. Ok, at least. Solid feel. Still runs, despite being accidentally dropped a couple of times by now (I really miss a place to fasten a lanyard on it).
Software-wise, though …
It spontaneously reboots itself, for no apparent reason. More than just once or twice a month.

… and I still carry my Palm Centro.
Android is ok, but Palm did have things I still haven’t found Android replacements for (and my best phone this far has been the Palm Treo 600!)

Decision: I’ll update.
If it works, things are fine.
If it doesn’t work, I get to buy a new phone.


So: How to update your Motorola Milestone (A853), from Android 2.1-upgrade 1 to Android 2.2.1.
(I’m showing all the links here, but you’re still responsible for what you’re doing, so read the info on the pages, ‘k?)

start here: [http://www.motorola.com/staticfiles/Support/GB-EN/froyo/milestonenotification.htm]
At the bottom of that page is an image with the text “continue”. I can see it with my Ubuntu computer, but it didn’t show up on my Windows computer (eventhough I could “tab” my way to it), so: it goes here: [http://direct.motorola.com/ENG/SoftwareUpdateSelect.asp?country=GBR&language=ENG&web_page_name=SUPPORT].

Choose Milestone *duh*, then click the (continue)-image.
Read the info (there is also a downloadable Software Update User Manual available, via a link in the right margin on that page), then check the box after having read “step 3”. That should give you a clickable linked image: Download Software Update.
Download the program, install it, and … basically, just follow the instructions. It tells you when to connect your Motorola Milestone to your computer, and when it’s ok to disconnect it.

All in all, from beginning to end, it took me about 30 minutes. Most of the time, just staring. Having a book at hand is a good idea.

([Here]’s another info page about how to update.)

The update worked fine for me.
Some things changed, like white (was black) background for SMS inbox, and the Calendar look (and how get to the enter a new Calendar event screen).
I now have a built-in 3G Mobile Hotspot program, which works fine (I’m using it now, and to write this I use a https://-page). It would have been nice to have a connect-via-USB (and (not “or”) Bluetooth) option as well, though.
A weird thing, which I also read about in a review prior to upgrading, is the “unlock swipe, then your unlock pattern comes up” (instead of just the latter). As I prefer having at least some sort of protection (the unlock pattern), I guess I have to live with having the “swipe to ‘open’, then do the unlock pattern”.

I was a bit worried about ending up with Motoblur (which I had read might be one of the reasons for the delayed update), but as far as I can see it came without it.

As a matter of fact, I blew the phone afterwards as well (as an easy way to get rid of unnecessary applications). [menu: Settings: Privacy: Factory data reset].

After reboot, it spoke French (we can’t (couldn’t?) buy Motorola in Sweden, so I bought it over internet from France … and got a French manual – easily found an English .pdf manual online, though)), but it wasn’t that hard to figure out what button to press to switch language (as it’s available on the very first startup screen), and then it was just “as when from the box, all over again” (but of course with Android 2.2.1, instead of Android 2.1).

I wouldn’t mind getting Android 2.3, or whatever version it’s on nowadays, but I guess this is as far as this model will go.
Well, well. It’ll last for a while.
Hopefully the spontaneous reboots issue is solved (it’s too soon to know about that yet) at least.

I do begin to get some touch screen issues (since before upgrading), which according to web forums isn’t that uncommon with this model.
I guess it’s going to be a new phone eventually, anyways.
(I had the Palm Treo 600 for five years (and it still works!). I guess they just don’t make phones for that usage time span anymore.)


update 2011-Apr-12, @21-ish

Yep, it’s noticably slower.
I went for the update to get the 3G Mobile Hotspot thingie (instead of paying for EasyTether – which isn’t that expensive, really).

If you are ok with your Motorola Milestone as it is, with Android 2.1-upgrade 1: stay with it. Don’t update.

If you can live with a slower device, update!
(It’s not awfully slow. Just noticably slower.)

There are good things and bad things with everything.
For me, an update was good. I can live with it being slower. (“Sooner or later it’s time to get a new phone anyways”, that’s how I’m reasoning.)

I’ll “keep in touch” re the spontaneous reboots. It’s too early to say anything on whether it’s been fixed, or not.
I have had one reboot this far, but I’m a bit unsure of whether it was intentional or not. (I ran the update program once more, to check if it was possible to get Android 2.2.2, and got a reboot when I exited the program.)


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