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2011-05-16 Mon

it only took them two weeks

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When the Android application for Gowalla went from version 3.0.2 to version 3.0.3, the change log disappeared.
Instead, there was a quotation:-

“It’s the best app ever created for Android. Ever.” — Josh Williams, Co-founder + CEO, Gowalla

The Android application Market reviews were filled with comments saying things along the lines of “no changelog = won’t upgrade”.

I didn’t review it, and therefore didn’t comment, but I also didn’t upgrade.
That quotation was one of the more contradictory statements I had ever seen.
(In case you’re wondering: I did go to the Gowalla web site, looking for some sort of changelog, but couldn’t find one there either!)

Now, two weeks later (after having checked the Android application Market on more or less a daily basis), there finally is a changelog.

Recently changed in this version
Improved ways to connect with your friends on Facebook and Address book
Enhanced security
Bug fixes


Not the best changelog information I’ve seen, but at least there is one.

Maybe I’ll start using Gowalla again.
(But I’m not sure if I’ll use it using their Android application.
When you give me version 3.0.4, give me a decent changelog description. Put the changelog up from day one, not two weeks later.
And if the CEO wants to be quoted, choose something that won’t make people question the product.)


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