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2011-06-25 Sat

Graffiti for Android

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Just discovered that Access Co., Ltd. (my Palm Centro states Access Powered on startup), offers an Android application for text input, called Graffiti for Android.
It’s the Graffiti from Palm OS!

Only downsides I’ve discovered this far (downloaded it a couple of hours ago) are:

It doesn’t seem to be possible to move the cursor within the input field, due to it (the cursor) being locked by the word prediction. That part works fine with Graffiti Word Prediction off, though.

When “Graffiti” is chosen as input method, the Word Prediction skips looking up words entered in my “User dictionary” – even when using the built-in hardware keyboard, and having “Graffiti” set to “Hide Graffiti when hardware keyboard is in use.”.
It would be prefered if it looked in the “User dictionary” as well (at least when using the built-in hardware keyboard).
(If I select the built-in multi-touch keyboard as input method, the words in my User dictionary still shows up as expected, so for the instances when I want the few words entered there, I just switch back to it. Not the best solution, but at least it’s a work-around.
So – present settings: Word prediction off for Graffiti, but on for the built-in multi-touch keyboard.)

This may not suit everyone, there is a small-but-still-present learning curve, but if you – like me – used Palm OS Graffiti “quite a lot”, you will probably appreciate it!
I get the impression that I can write faster on the smartphone using Graffiti, than using the built-in hardware keyboard (which, in turn, is faster than precision-typing on the on-screen keyboard).

One thing that is interesting to note are the reviews it has received in Android Market: those who have used Graffiti for Palm are positive, while the ones all new to it are more on the sceptic side.

I’m using the free version that displays ads.
The ad is shown in the writing area, but disappears as soon as I touch it.
Yes, I notice the area going from black to (brighter, with colours), but as it disappears when touched – i.e. there’s no “lock out” period – it doesn’t bother me much.
Would it really start to bother me, the “Pro” version costs US$ 2.99 (less than SEK 20:-).

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