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2011-07-28 Thu

why I’m a vegetarian, and the reason why I’m having a hard time convincing myself to start eating meat again

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Just saw “Earthlings” (available on http://www.earthlings.com/; 1:35:42).

Not much of it was news to me (apart from the fact that I this far hadn’t seen it), and I’m already a vegetarian since 10+ years (eventhough I’ve skipped going vegan due to lazyness).

It’s really not a film “just promoting veg*”, but a film that tries to show “the whole picture”. Show how things work.
See it.
(If you let your kids see it, you will probably need time to explain things meanwhile and afterwords.)

As I wrote above, I already am a vegetarian. Actually, I went vegetarian 20 years ago, but that time it only lasted one year (it wasn’t easy being a lonely vegetarian then, and even though homecooking is fine, being able to treat myself to restaurant meals now and then would have been nice).

I went vegetarian for the same reason both times:
My parents’ friends had a farm, and they raised their own pigs. One day, my parents had bought half a pig. It came cut up in pieces – cutlets et cetera – but they weren’t individually packed.
My mum packed everything up, and put it in the freezer.

Half a pig is … quite a lot.
Meat is … dead animal.
Dead things have a special smell.

I did not become a vegetarian due to bad treatment of animals, i.e. ethical reasons. (As a matter of fact, I want to believe that that half a pig actually had quite an ok life, while it lasted.)
Instead, I became a vegetarian due to, as I usually say, “egoistic reasons”.

It lasted a year. I don’t remember if it was exactly one year, or if it was one year and one month, but it was at least one year.
I gave up due to lazyness.
I grew really tired of having to drag food boxes around, and of being given “salad” as the only option – and back then, “salad” meant: iceberg lettuce, cucumber, and tomato. Period. If you were lucky, you would get paprika as well.
Forget about protein.
I’ve never been a fan of salad.
I’ve never been able to eat salad as my main (and only) course, and be satisfied with that.
Once, I found broccoli quiche on the menu. “Oh, fantastic!”, I thought. It contained bacon.

The thought of going vegetarian lingered in the back of my head, though.

1 January 2001.
I cut off the red meat first, then chicken/poultry, and, lastly, fish and seafood. I no longer remember if I did this from 2001, or if I had reached the “no fish” ’til then. I think it was the first. Doesn’t matter.

I’ve considered going vegan since then, but I’m a rather lazy cook, and going vegan would send me back to where I were in the beginning of the 1990’s (dragging food around all over the place). I discovered that I’m lactose intolerant somewhere around (2003?), so basically it’s “just the eggs”, but more or less everything semi-manufactured contains egg-something.
It’s still not super-easy to get lactose-free vegetarian food at all restaurants, and I can just imagine trying to order something vegan (without having to order in advance).

Lately, I’ve been thinking that I should go back to being a meat eater. Mainly out of convenience.
Either “full time”, or just when/if I “travel to exotic places, where it would be nice to taste the local food”.
Each time, I can’t help thinking “meat are muscles”, and then my head builds images of human muscles cut up into cutlets – because it’s really hard to consider animal muscles much different from human muscles, apart from size … and then I stay vegetarian. “If I go abroad, they ought to have a fantastic vegetarian cuisine as well.”

(I hope the above is somewhat legible. I’m really too tired to write at the moment … )


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