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2012-10-28 Sun

my mobile devices, as of October 2012

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from left to right: Nokia 3210, IBM WorkPad c3, Sony Ericsson T300, Palm T600, Palm Centro, Motorola Milestone, Nokia N9, Samsung Galaxy Note

upright, covers in front

on their backs, bottom view

upright, closed and/or with covers

1999-09-13: Nokia 3210
My first mobile phone.
I was studying in Uppsala, and didn’t want to get another landline, as I was mainly staying in Uppsala during the weeks.
It worked fine, until it stopped doing so. Had it repaired once, in spring 2001, when it was still on warranty (3 years!), and then it worked ok.

2000-12-07: IBM WorkPad c3
My first PDA.
Got it from my work. At first I found it redundant, but soon I got used to it.
I’ve written about my PDA’s before.

2003-08-05: Sony Ericsson T300
The Nokia 3210 had worked well, but the battery had begun draining a bit too fast lately.
This phone sported a vibration signal (missing on the 3210)!

2004-07-23: PalmOne Handspring Treo 600
I gave in, and got myself a “cheese sandwich-sized device”.
This was slightly before smartphones really went mainstream, and everybody else’s mobile phones just got smaller and smaller, so this was huge in comparison.
I think this has been my best phone, “all in all”. If this was available “but updated for today” (better screen resolution, built-in antenna, etc.) …

After some close encounters with concrete, and yet another case of not-the-same-battery-life-as-when-we-started, I got myself an updated Palm.
2009-05-07: Palm Centro
Not at all the same quality, the plastic quirks when you press on it, but the screen resolution was twice the T600’s. Some things were better, but I also missed a lot of things.
As mentioned previously, I’ve written about this before.

2010-08-06: Motorola Milestone
I wasn’t super-happy with my Centro – I was pleased with Palm OS, and had actually aimed for the Palm Pre, but it never really was available where I live – so I got myself my first Android phone.
I did miss a lot of the programs available for Palm OS though, and continued to use the Centro (but sans SIM).

I was waiting for the Palm Pre 3 to be released … but the day after its release, it was announced that it was to be discontinued – i.e. no chance ever of importing it.
2012-02-29: Nokia N9
My Motorola didn’t fare well with memory hungry apps. It wasn’t a question of whether I should get myself a new phone, but which phone.
On a whim, I bought the N9.
It’s the only device I’ve ever called “sexy” – and that doesn’t end with its looks.
Nokia, you’ve transfered the looks on to your Lumia series, but you’ve abandoned the OS. :-(
I never got the chance to try the webOS, but if I’ve understood correctly, certain features are similar in the Nokia N9’s Meego Harmattan OS, such as swipe to close, swipe to switch, and more or less visible multitasking.
I also really liked the double-tap-to-wake-up, and the standby screen, with always visible clock, and notifications area.

2012-07-04: Samsung Galaxy Note
This was, more or less, bought on impulse.
My netbook’s net adapter had given up, and I figured I could buy this as a netbook substitute for boring periods at work. I used it basically as an e-book reader (in hindsight maybe I should have bought an e-reader instead?).
Then my beloved N9 began to behave weird. Its OS has been abandoned by Nokia (we’ve got the promised numbers of updates, and they have absolutely no interest in keeping their old customers happy; they may consider us worthy of being new customers, but keeping us happy with not-that-old products of theirs … no), and some programs could need an update. When I bought it, I knew about the situation – “enjoy what you’ve got, but don’t expect anything else than that”. I found apps for my main needs (still no decent substitutes for all of my Palm OS programs, though), and were content with that.
The weird behaviour disappeared when I did a factory reset, and stayed off even if I synchronized all of my old programs back, so I guess it was some sort of memory issue, but after a while it appeared again. Sluggish.
I swapped to the Note.
… but the Note had a similar issue.
According to web forums, the issue appeared with its update from the initial Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 – mainly weird battery drainage, but also sluggish behaviour.
I remember specifically, once when I charged it overnight, when I woke up at waaay-too-early, checked the time by waking up the Note, noticing that the battery was now fully charged, remembering “I ought to take out the coord, it’s fully charged”, and then (obviously) fell asleep again. A few hours later, when I woke up for the day, the battery was down to 12%. Yes, I used to have quite a lot of things auto-syncing, but I didn’t have that many things syncing enough to drain a phone on AC charger from 100% to 12%.
Presently, I experiment with having all programs installed, but purposely shut most of the syncs off. So far, so good, but I’m just waiting for it to happen again.
I’m waiting for a rumoured update to Android 4.1 OTA, but nothing as of yet.

If I could puzzle together my optimal smartphone, it would be something along the lines of:

max height: 115 mm
max width: 60 mm
(this would indicate a display of roughly 4″, maybe somewhat smaller;
big screens are nice, but with today’s technologies, combined with portability, size is an issue)

camera similar to Nokia N8 (or better)
hardware camera button

front camera, for video and stills, on front top

no opposing sides buttons – all buttons on one side; button on top is ok

Nokia N9 body (polycarbon unibody, coloured all the way through)

Nokia N9’s multi-task screen

swipe to close, swipe to remove from foreground (but still keep running) (Meego Harmattan, webOS)

speakers on sides, or bottom, similar to Nokia N9’s
(not on back – unless it’s a speaker specifically designed to work with, say, a table as resonance body)

possibility to run PalmOS, webOS, Meego Harmattan, Symbian, Android, iOS, … apps (no need to build a completely new app market store)

Nokia N9’s double-tap to wake up

Nokia N9’s lock-screen with clock and notification area

(one can wish, right?)


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