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on my PDA/smartphone

things I had on my PDA (personal digital assistant)

Can’t remember all the programs I had in the WorkPad c3, but the ones I remember include
HandyShopper; DiddleBug; a clock program; a mirror thingie; and a neat thing for entering characters, which I made an overlay for (I had no problem with the Graffiti, except when entering Swedish letters with diacritics – it simply took too long – and the program gave me “shortcuts”).
IBM WorkPad c3 (close-up)
I also had a bunch of games.
…and a post code fix (we put the post code before the city); and a nice thing to get odd minutes for appointments (e.g. 09:52-11:03, instead of 09:50-11:05 – that program was a Hack, though, i.e. doesn’t work with later Palms :-( ).

on my smartphone(s)
things included, and things added
(all the added ones are freeware, unless otherwise stated)

  • Additieven
    E-numbers (“food extras”); in Dutch
    on Treo 600
  • Analoge Uhr
    on Treo 600
  • BigClock
    on Treo 600
  • Bkgammon v3.1
    game: backgammon; freeware; can’t find a working link – beamed it from my Treo 600
  • Bluetooth
    included; only on the Centro
  • BrightCam
    on Treo 600; notably slowed things down on the Centro, plus conflicts with the Centro camera
  • Calc
    included – I’m using Kalk (a RPN calculator) instead
  • Calendar, Memos (called Memo Pad on the Treo 600), Tasks (called To Do List on the Treo 600)
  • Camcorder
    included; only on the Centro
  • Camera
  • Card Info
  • Chime
    can be set to chime every 15 minutes; useful at work
  • CJK OS
    Chinese/Japanese/Korean OS; shareware (30 day trial); on Treo 600
  • Contacts
    included; “as a separate program” only on the Centro, accessed from Phone only on the Treo 600
  • Converter
    converts misc. things (length, weight, speed, volume, clothing, … )
  • DateDiff
    calculates years/months/days between two dates
  • DiddleBug
    (to jot down notes; has easily set alarms;
    annoying thing on the Centro: DiddleBug alarms are sorted under “System”, and I’d cut those pesky beeps off…
    haven’t yet decided whether I should remove it from the Centro, or not – I’m keeping it for now)
  • Documents – Documents To Go
  • domino!
    game; on Treo 600; crashed on Centro
  • Email (called Mail on the Treo 600) – VersaMail
  • Food
    enter opening hours for e.g. restaurants
  • FreeCurrency
    currency converter tool
  • GoogleMaps
    included; only on the Centro
  • HotSync, Prefs, Security, Sounds, SIM Book, SIM Srvcs
    Tutorial (included on the Treo 600) / My Centro (included on the Centro)
    Welcome (included on the Treo 600) / Quick Tour (included on the Centro)
  • KeyCaps600
    toggle between e-1-E by just press-and-holding the key; works fine on the Centro as well
  • Klondike
    game; included on the Treo 600; Electron Hut has now released it as freeware
    I’ve also added their
    Blocks, and their Soko-Ban, on the Centro
  • LunarCal
    a Chinese lunar calendar
    (mainly for the fun of having it)
    on Treo 600
  • Noah Lite on Treo 600; Noah Pro, and Thesaurus, on Centro
    ArsLexis have now released them as freeware

    nice to be able to carry lexicons with me
  • OnCradleOn
    keep it on, when connected to the AC charger
  • Open
    opening hours
  • Pente
    game (“ni-nuki”, “go-moku”)
    on Treo 600
  • Phone, Messaging (called SMS and MMS respectively, on the Treo 600)
    included; I really like the “chat style” presentation of the SMS’s
  • PilotMines
    game: MineSweeper clone
  • PocketTunes
    included; only on the Centro
  • RingerSwitch
    reminder for having set the ringer switch to OFF
  • SameGame
  • SolarWars
  • SplashID, SplashMoney, SplashShopper
    included; only on the Treo 600
    never used them – uses
    HandyShopper instead (for all three of them!)
    Handy Shopper was the main reason why I chose a Palm again …apart from the fact that I was now well familiar with the Palm OS – eventhough it’s now available for Windows Mobile as well)
    I use HandyShopper to balance my bank account(s), remember passwords, list things (like “films I’ve got”, “books I ought to read (someday)”, “things I should do, sooner or later”), …and of course as a shopping list (I use “aisle” to make a note on the date I wrote down the price).
  • Traffic
  • TrainSched
    on Treo 600
  • Voice Memo, Voice Dial
    included; only on the Centro
  • Web – Blazer
    I’ve also added the Opera Mini (and IBM Java VM) on the Centro, eventhough it behaves weird in some aspects
  • World Clock (called CityTime on the Treo 600)
  • Zap!2016
    game; included; only on the Treo 600
  • ZIPFix
    post code fix
    on Treo 600 – not needed on Centro

/2009-May-23; updated 2009-Jun-06


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