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IBM WorkPad c3
IBM WorkPad c3
I began working for DebiTech in December 2000, and got an IBM WorkPad c3 (which is a Palm Vx, “but black, and named IBM WorkPad c3” ;-).
Found it a bit ridiculous – redundant – unnecessary; I managed fine with my paper calendar and paper address book.
Soon got used to it, though…

…and, later on, when “the IT bubble” broke, I got to keep it.

Apart from the fact that the power on/off button “is not with me anymore”, it still works. The battery’s drained though, so today none of my old programs are on it.
The reset pin in the metal stylus is gone, but reseting works with a paper clip as well. Hard resets are “almost impossible” though, due to the not-properly-working power on/off button.

Palm Treo 600
Palm Treo 600
July 2004: Bought a Palm Treo 600 – a “smartphone”, i.e. a PDA with mobile phone capabilities.
Colour screen!
Built-in camera! (A not that good one – VGA resolution – but for me, who didn’t own a digital camera, it was better than nothing.)
Most programs were transferable, eventhough some weren’t.
No Graffiti, but a built-in QWERTY keyboard. Took a little while to get used to not using the stylus to enter things (as a matter of fact, in the beginning I found it really slow to have to use the keyboard).

Autumn 2008: Dropped it on a set of concrete stairs. Antenna attached with band-aid, since. Still works, though.

Palm Centro
Palm Centro
May 2009: Bought a Palm Centro (another Palm “smartphone”).
(Palm.com – special offer: “Buy a Palm® Centro™ smartphone and get a free Slip Case”.)
Better screen resolution. Built-in antenna.
Replaceable battery, but (for me) that never was a problem with the Treo 600 (the battery outlived the hardware).

Some things are better than on the Treo 600…

  • ability to let appointments go past midnight (on the Treo 600 they had to end 23:55, and then you had to add another appointment starting 00:00 if you wanted it “to show”)
  • no need for “ZIPFix”
  • “Birthday” added to Contacts, and automatically inserted in the Calendar
    It does behave weird, though: years pre 1970 defaults to 1970 …which makes it not that useful, I’d say.
  • no protruding antenna

…but there are things I miss

  • Floating Events in Calendar – they’re moved to Tasks, now
    I used them for everyday wake-up alarms
    “the corresponding” in Tasks uses the System sound, which I’d switched off (to avoid the annoying keypress beeps) → the screen is lit up, but that won’t wake me up when sleeping… (I now have System sounds switched on… )
  • being able to see (and to choose which of them I would see) ToDo:s (now: Tasks) in the Calendar view
  • the ability to add ShortCuts (found in Preferences, on the Treo 600)

I was aiming for the Palm Pre, but it hadn’t been released in the USA yet → wouldn’t come to Europe before that…

for comparison
PDAs x3 - IBM WorkPad c3, Palm Treo 600, Palm Centro
PDAs x3 (with covers) - IBM WorkPad c3, Palm Treo 600, Palm Centro

/2009-May-23; minor updates 2009-Jun-05


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